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Mad Libs Generator in python

Mad libs is a fun game that is usually played by kids. In this python game player has to enter substitutes for blanks in the story without knowing the story....

Add watermark to your PDF file with Python

Add watermark to your PDF file with Python

Python vs Go

Python is a widely popular and diverse programming language. Along with Java, JavaScript and C, Python is one of the most spoken languages in the coding industry today.

IP address

To know about what Internet Protocol  (IP) address is & what are it’s uses let’s take a simple example – everyone once in a life has posted letters or at...

Must have Android Apps

All the listed apps are handpicked by me & all apps are almost free

Morse code

Morse code is a method of writing characters (alphabets, numericals, symbols) in form of dots & dashes or on & off signals. Most used way to transmit data in morse...