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Het Tamboli A Computer Engineer

Women's Safety

Women's Safety

When I was a kid, like any other kid of my age I used to throw tantrums at mom. Say mom do this, mom do that, mom I am hungry, my mom took care of everything that I wanted and needed, she also sang sweet lullabies to calm me down when I was tensed or crying or not able to sleep. Everyone of us have those beautiful memories, because she’s always there to care for you as a mother, sister, your bestie, your life partner in our life.

So obviously, it is our responsibility to keep them happy, to take care of them and the most important thing is to respect them. India has a great culture. Our deities are strong women such as maa Kaali , in the name of modernization and foriegn influence we at some point started to lose our culture, began to misshape our religious beliefs and that led to women suffering. Yes, the same women who did all that for us had to suffer because of our cruelty. We people don’t even know how to respect a woman anymore.

If you look at the history, we will understand whenever something bad happened, there’s only women who suffered more than men. And it’s the fact men fought wars for our freedom that’s right but they were able to do so because they had their trusted partner at home taking care of their kids and parents alike. I firmly believe women are equally or even more responsible for our freedom and got a lot less credit than they deserved and they did it selflessly and till this day continue to do so.

But there are some angels who actually want to do something for women empowerment. There is an NGO in our country called Ladli Foundation Trust which is really working on a very sucessfull mission. Ladli Foundation Trust mission is to change the society’s old mentality towards the women like (A woman has no right to educate, she can’t wear such kind of clothes, A woman should not interfere in any matters , she has no right to a job and should always be a housewife, etc). This foundation is on a mission to achieve gender equality for women. It really inspires me.

I am so blessed to have a chance to join Ladli Foundation Trust because I am also a person who wants to do something for women empowerment. When I was in 10th class my mother was taking care of my sister for three years. My sister was surviving from a neuro problem she was fighting with epilepsy (in this situation patients have to deal with Fits which are not in patients control). So, once my mom used to stay in hospital for three months for treatment of my sister. But now, my sister recovered through brain surgery in (2016) and now she is living a happy normal life. Four year later, last month I lost my father in Covid-19. But my mom gathered all the courage and took all the responsibilities of being a mother and father. Despite of the trauma of losing her husband she remained strong and started a business for our basic requirements.

And I live in a society where people are having the same old mentality with women that she’s not capable. But I believe that women can do everything. And they should have equal rights in education, society , economy, and politics.

So, I am inspired by my mother and according to my Engineering field in computers I have developed an android application named “Women Safety”.

The application “Woman Safety’’ is developed for android. This application will be very useful for the women for their security. Nowadays women are not safe they are suffering from assaults, robbery, kidnapping, rape and murder etc. For example if the lady is far from home and she’s in trouble then she can get help from this mobile application. There are the facilities in which the activation of the application can also be done through the accessories which contain buttons. Users can also press the mobile power button three times. After pressing the button the GPS location chip which is given will get activated and it sends the location automatically to her relatives and police. If somebody is near that victim and has the “woman safety” application then the alarm will ring and he/she also can trace the victim and help her.

I have so many ideas to do creative projects for women empowerment. So, I am very proud to join the Ladli Foundation Trust.