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SQL Interview Questions

SQL Interview Questions

Learning Outcomes

  • SQL Interview Questions and Answers


SQL Java Interview Questions and Answers part of full stack java developer course.

Q & As

  • 1. What is DDL and DML commands?
  • 2. What is primary key and foreign key?
  • 3. What is check constraint?
  • 4. What is view? What is the basic purpose of creating view?
  • 5. What is the syntax for union ?
  • 6. What is the difference between union all and union?
  • 7. What is intersection and minus operation of set in sql?
  • 8. What is join? Types of join. Syntax for each join.
  • 9. What is procedure?.Difference between function and produre.
  • 10. What is trigger?
  • 11. What is cursor? Types of cursor?
  • 12. What is the difference between subquery and correlated subquery?
  • 13. What is the syntax for group by and having clause? And difference between group by and having..
  • 14. Can we write DDL commands in procedure?
  • 15. Query for finding second highest salary?
  • 16. what is the difference between primary key and unique constraint?
  • 17. Types of statement in SQL like DML,DDL,TCL etc.
  • 18. types of join with example
  • 19. difference between primary and foreign key?
  • 20. Difference between groupby and having clause.
  • 21. Differentiate between function and procedure.
  • 22. What is the code for output 99 96 93…3,1.
  • 23. What will be the query for finding second highest salary?